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<h1>Unlimited Color Combinations</h1>
Metrolium features dozens of customizable elements that can all be colored independently of each other which means that unlike other themes, you’re not limited by 2 colours like primary and secondary but instead have complete control to produce a truly unique color combination making it your own.
<h1>Responsive and Retina Ready</h1>
Metrolium is a responsive WordPress theme which means that it works beautifully on lots of resolutions and devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac. It also looks absolutely stunning with super crisp, hi-dpi, Retina Ready images. Your visitors will have an amazing experience, whatever they’re browsing on.
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<h1>Get creative with real time preview</h1>
Metrolium features the impressive WordPress Customizer which allows you to customize the look and feel of your theme with a real time preview, no refreshes, no tab switching and no boring over engineered admin panel. Once you’re happy with the result, click ‘Save & Publish’ to show the world your uniquely designed website.
<h1 style=»text-align: center;»>600+ Google Web Fonts</h1>
<p style=»text-align: center;»>Typography is a important aspect of any website and that’s why we’ve integrated Google Web Fonts into Metrolium giving access to an ever expanding web font set, currently at over 600!</p>

<p style=»text-align: center;»>Browse the library</p>

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<h1>Create unique layouts quickly and easily</h1>
Metrolium’s bespoke, robust responsive grid means that you can create unique layouts that work across all devices, quickly and easily.

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